the entryway

I‘d like to think of this inaugural post as a great entryway into a home. Collected, a little quirky, and setting the tone for the rest of my space. What better way to welcome you than to start with my top 3 reasons for diving into the interior design world! So here it goes:

(3) Decade #3

I am comfortably in decade numero tres in my life, and I love it. All through my ripe adulthood, even before I could finish grad school, I was always daydreaming about the next thing. I’ve spent a majority of my life invested in pursuing (and obtaining) a career in healthcare. I am by no means your average aspiring interior designer, but had always had an undeniable desire to express my creativity. I grew up in a house where my mom absolutely loved decorating and I came to appreciate so many details that made a house into a home. It wasn’t until my husband and I finally had our own home that I was fully able to attempt my own hand at decorating. The more I did it, the more I love it and it just felt so natural to me.

So this is what decade #3 is for. Achieving the “next thing” and letting myself indulge in this creative challenge.

(2) Failure

Ahh, failure. It brings about TWO amazing things in life for those who choose to recognize it: perspective and opportunity. My motivation for finally taking this leap stems from experiencing a recent (perceived) failure.  From what initially felt like a mountain of an obstacle was actually a molehill. You know when they say “when one door closes, another one opens?” Well that’s what this is. And trust me, it took  me awhile to realize that.

With the help and advice of extremely supportive and positive people, I finally had the  courage to take this next step. So now, on that perceived molehill, I plan to dress up beautiful homes with their windows of opportunities, and jazz it up with some really chic and bad-a** curtains. ♥

(1) Maya Angelou

Innately, as most people in healthcare do, I love helping others. As Ms. Maya Angelou put it:

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That last part truly resonates with me. I don’t just want to put my talent and ideas to work, I want to share it with people in the most memorable way. A well dressed home is more than aesthetics. There’s a reason places can evoke memories and emotions, and how amazing is that if you can help make that happen? In the end, I want to help others realize the potential of the place they call home.

So this, folks, in a nutshell is my beginning. If you like what you read, check back periodically to see snapshots of my current interior design projects,  things that inspire me, and random lifestyle musings that help build my portfolio. And if you didn’t like what you read, then shoo, because there are no bad vibes allowed in here. 😉