City of Trees

As a SoCal native, I appreciate a reason to go up to NorCal when I get a chance! There are a few things I do envy about that upper half of our Sunshine state:

  1. They have SF, which in my opinion, is way cooler than LA. Literally, and culturally.
  2. They actually experience seasons. Case in point: you can get away with legitimately rocking a beanie for non-fashion reasons. [Though some friends coming from colder climates may say that’s debatable.]
  3. It has more amazing natural landmarks and structures (um, why hello, Yosemite, Golden Gate, Tahoe, and Napa?!).
  4. It’s home to some really great friends of mine.

And with that being said, this weekend we took the time to celebrate a friend’s wedding  near her hometown in Sacramento. Other than being the state capitol, I didn’t know much else. But did you know that Sacramento has more trees per capita than any other city in the world? Or that it is known as America’s farm-to-fork capital? Yep, me neither.

I also found out that Sacramento has some highly underrated coffee shops in Midtown, and my only regret was that I only had time to check out one!

 I stopped by The Mill because I was in the mood for a no fuss, serene, coffee shop after such a busy work week. Plus, any place that has some lush greenery + a well-done basket collage will reel me right in. Did I mention they serve some waffles that come out as light and airy as their adorable space?


Plus their live edge dining table gives me all the heart-eyes.

If you’re ever in Sactown, give this place some love, or any of the midtown coffee shops for that matter. Aaaaand, if you happen to be there on the second Sunday of the month, you can check out the Sacramento antique fair just a few blocks down!


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