Last November we had just enough time to squeeze in a quick weekend getaway to Vancouver for my birthday. It had always been on my list of (nearby) places to go! If you’ve already been to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco for quick weekend getaways, I highly recommend trekking even farther north to this gem of city!

Now, I absolutely love autumn–the colors, the fashion, the feeling of holidays approaching. And let me tell you, Vancouver in the fall did NOT disappoint! We mainly perused the city finding local restaurants, bars, or coffee shops that caught our eye, with the help of other locals giving us good recs! Isn’t that the best way to dive into a new city anyway? 😉

When we arrived we started off a pre-bday dinner at Wildebeest. This place set the bar so high for our taste buds! And I don’t know what was more beautiful–the decor or the food plating! It had that casual gastropub vibe, but with added drama. Could NOT stop staring at this dramatic install of dried flora hanging above.

This pic seriously does not do it justice!

The staff was so welcoming they even left us with a list of personal food recs around town as a little souvenir!

Vancouver also takes their coffee very seriously! The following day we started off with a stop at Birds & the Beets in the east end of Gastown. Out of ALL the coffee shops to choose from, B&B won me over the second I found out they had their own little flower shop set up literally right next to the brew!

And that ricotta toast and winter salad.………….

Next stop was the Museum of Vancouver. Given that some of our first dates were in museums, it’s no surprise we usually like to check out museums in random cities we visit.

It honestly could be the most obscure topic of a museum and we’d still always manage to find a way to have fun gettin’ our culture on.


yvrmuseum2The tourist in us also made sure we stopped by the Granville Island Public Market, which had lots of eats, shopping, and a great view.

Last but certainly not least, if you can, get a reservation at Savio Volpe. Rustic Italian fare with house made fresh pasta all served in a modern ambience! Sad I couldn’t capture a good pic of how cute the decor was inside because of the lighting, but you’ll just have to go to see for yourself! But otherwise…this spritzer was also A-okay!

So lady-like
or maybe not so much

SVpastaOne tourist spot we missed out on was the Capilano bridge, and I’d recommend it if you can because I’ve seen some pretty surreal pics! If you’re there late November, you can catch this spectacular night view of their suspension bridge all dolled up in holiday lights!

courtesy of

All in all, this was one very memorable birthday weekend celebration and I can’t wait for another chance to come back to the YVR.



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