Kinnah’s Gallery Wall

One thing I love about Project Kinnah so far is how much this family appreciates some great photos! They have so many great portraits from so many special occasions and moments in their life, that we NEEDED to do a gallery wall to showcase all the love! Instead of doing the traditional gallery-wall-along-the-staircase, we decided this wall, below the staircase, in their living room was the lucky spot! Awkward? Hopefully not, because I took the risk and we are pretty happy with how it turned out! Plus, the layout of the living room is one long rectangle, so this spot felt like a natural corridor leading to the kitchen.



One little prob though… it was important to the Mrs that we cover up this little eye sore, and so we set out to find a work around.

But first, can we talk about these frames? Eventually the overall feel of the living room will be modern, so I decided to go with a mix and match of some black simple frames, grey textured wooden frames, and metallic silver frames. Overall, it was a good mix of feminine and masculine, with the black frames lending a cohesive feel. P.S., if you’re thinking about building your own gallery wall, try and wait until Aaron Brothers has their buy one get one, 1 cent frame sale! I was able to take advantage of it for two clients this season!

Anyway, back to this. One of the frames Kinnah had luckily had a frame deep enough to cover the security system. Fortunately, those A.B. frames come with an extra set of “saw tooth” hangers so we screwed one of those on.

Once we decided the orientation of the frames and which pictures it was hanging time! Now, I’ve done a few trial and errors (and more errors) on my own gallery walls, so I decided for anyone else’s walls, an MGW interiors commandment will def be: thou shall ALWAYS carefully lay out a wall template before making holes in someone else’s walls.

Why is the paper so damn wrinkly you ask? Because we used some old paper from some box packaging that Kinnah had laying around! Resourceful, free, and recycled (insert fist bump here)!

Progress got us all sorts of excited! And finally…

Speechless! All I can say is, another successful gallery wall for the books! ♥-mgw

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