Little boy (neutral) blue

“And one day they’ll say it all started with a nursery!”- D.Foon

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My dear friend, D.F., is probably one of the most optimistic and adorable people I know. If I had to single-handedly pinpoint a pivotal person that encouraged me to pursue this dream, it’s her. Fortunately for me, she was super preggo at the time and needed a hand at setting up her nursery! She told me she wanted it to be simple, minimal, neutral, and airy. And let me tell ya, I never would have imagined it would come out this amazing!

This is the baby’s room pre-mgw:

11985 (1)   11986 (1)

First things first, bye bye futon! We also decided to switch out the curtains to a lighter greyish blue to help brighten the space. We added the rug which helped also liven up the room, especially with that playful pattern!


Initially the plan was to get a brand new dresser, but to help stay in budget, I decided to swap out the white knobs on the dresser for these brass pulls.

This freed up more to spend on some fun details!

IMG_20171109_123204Our happiest HomeGoods find for this room was this knitted pouf…only $30!!! Um WHAT??! Hard to tell in this pic, but there’s some really subtle glitter sheen to it. Also, future dad-to-be loved plants and has a green thumb, so we made sure to incorporate some personal details, like the tiered plant stand and faux plants from IKEA. The super soft knitted blanket was homemade with love from one of the future grandma’s. Woodland prints were found on Etsy!

I knew this is what I wanted to continue to do when her husband saw the finished product and they told me they could not stop laying in the room and felt so serene and happy in it! Loved every bit of this room and will always have a soft spot for this lil’ ol’ neutral nursery.


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