Nothing gets the creativity flowin’ like hitting up some antique stores! Recently, we were in Sacramento and had a few hours to explore before heading home. After researching, I found out that the Sacramento Antique Fair (which occurs on the second Sunday of every month) was going on and guess who happened to serendipitously be in town the same weekend?!

For just $3 a person you can scope out an obscene amount of antiques ranging high to low end, and this antique fair was ginormous. Here are some finds that I fell in love with:

Each bust was only $5 a piece! Why I didn’t snag one up…is beyond me. But if I did, this would happen:

antique affair

And this bamboo mirror for just $50!

Versus these babies… (cha-ching $$$$!)

bamboo mirrors

And more eye candy, just ’cause:

 IMG_20180211_114541 (1)

Super bummed (yet semi-proud) that I had enough self-control to walk away empty-handed which is RIDICULOUSLY hard to do at these things! If anyone has any recommendations for other antique places I should check out in your town, please please let me know!