DBC 2018-Part 1 Review

When I was a little girl I was a majorly major introvert. Shy, hands neatly folded on her desk, well-behaved little wallflower. I never wanted to be at the front of the line and hardly ever spoke up. I’m glad to say that a lot has changed since then, and today I took one of the biggest leaps, socially, by attending the Design Bloggers Conference all by my lil ‘ol self.

I decided to write this review to 1. inspire others who are also coming out of their design blogging shell and 2. to hopefully help others in the future decide if DBC is worthwhile for newcomers like me!

This year’s conference is being held at The Beverly Hills Hilton and overall, this conference has had a great balance of having an intimate, yet moderate sized conference without overwhelming crowds. This may change in the upcoming years, as it seems like it has had an exponential growth in popularity.

Although it’s only the first day, so far it has been a great investment in the right direction. I have been able to network with other designers and learn from past experiences from keynote speakers such as Jamie Drake. Even in casual conversations I’ve absorbed so much! Not to mention all the wonderful breakout sessions sharing tips and tricks of the design blogging trade.

Some tips to survive your first DBC Conference as a first-timer:

Step 1: [pretend to] LOOK THE PART 

You know that saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” I’ve always wanted to apply that some day, and I think that was executed today. 😉


Or maybe that should have been number 1? Anyway, bring your cards AND bring a business card organizer, so as not to be fumbling to find your own and tossing other peoples’ in your tote bag abyss.



There are so many companies and lovely faces to meet and greet, so once the agenda is posted, take a look at what interests you beforehand. Also look at the topics since breakout sessions on the first day have two topics going on at the same time! Sometimes it was hard to decide between the two topics with little downtime in between! Lots of good topics + so little time.


It’s okay to be different. I was hesitant going in, not knowing how a newcomer like myself might be perceived, but so far it’s been a welcoming experience. There has been lots of opportunities for mentor-ship and surprisingly, my unique background has made people even more intrigued in who I am and what my goals are!


That’s all for my take on day 1! Stay tuned for day 2.


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