DBC 2018-Part 2 Review

Have you ever saturated yourself in so much inspiration at once that you became fueled into a creative frenzy? Day 2 at DBC was a whole lotta that. It was a very emotional day for me, but in the best way possible! It brought a lot of clarity to where I want my design prowess to go and what kind of designer I want to be. The resounding theme seemed to be to stay true to your content, style and mission, and up until that day it all had felt a little blurred for me. I chose my favorite quotes from that day from some rock star speakers that were just too good not to share!

Swooning over this stage setup!

“Find your own style + own it with confidence-” A. Sage, of @citysage

Finding your own style seems pretty easy for most creative-types. But the science-y side of brain sometimes has me convinced that things have to be precise or a certain way. And when you’re in the business of healthcare, where accuracy can be  life or death, it’s hard to let your mind have some fluidity; so, I’ve struggled a little with this idea.

Style has always been more of a gut feeling for me. While in most aspects of my life I overthink things, style feels simple, effortless and right. Being relatively new in this field, I’m still on the hunt to see what this style really is. I know what I like and I have confidence in my ability. As I have more opportunities to practice and highlight things around me that are a source of inspiration for my clients, I hope to verbalize my own definitive style. After all, this whole thing is supposed to be a road to self-discovery, right? But I’ve finally found the confidence to express it, and hey, that’s gotta count for something!

                “Have something to say and choose something that speaks to you.”                        – J. Hays, of @AphroChic

The founders of AphroChic were so motivational and made me realize that one day I’d like to find something in interior design that brings me the perfect balance of philanthropy and design.  There are so many influencers on social media, with the most beautiful, coveted, and well curated profiles. But when it’s all said and posted, it made me wonder, what kind of social impact am I really aiming for?

I realized that even if I were able to remotely reach a decent following beyond the 3 digit mark, I would only consider myself a success once I have made a positive social impact for people who are really in need. And there’s a whole lot of need! From people transitioning out of homelessness, wounded veterans looking to re-establish their home life after their courageous act of service, children with terminal illnesses, or helping incredibly deserving and dedicated healthcare workers who work tirelessly to put themselves before others. Honestly, after this conference, opportunities felt limitless. There’s so much more I want to share about how this day had impacted me, but I promise I’m saving some good stuff for later!


P.s.- You know it was a good day when you ended up having great conversations at Sugarfish and had to trade your heels for your all-whites to last the night! 🙂


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